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The 22nd Mobile (Fleet Daedalus Omega) is a Star Trek Online roleplaying fleet. The 22nd Mobile ships listed below are crewed by players and overseen by a game master (called a "DGM") in a way similar to a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. Each ship has one official meeting time per week, where it meets for roughly three hours. These session are called "episodes". 

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Player-Controlled Ships in the FleetEdit

All ships are player crewed. The fleet's home base is Starbase 220.

Ship Name Ship Class Day / Time (EST) Day / Time (GMT) Status
USS Adagio Solbianca class

Saturday - 9:30 pm

Sunday - 2:30 AM

USS Gigantes Vesta class

Monday - 2:30 pm

Monday - 7:30 PM

USS Pilgrim Bellerophon class

Tuesday- 8:30 pm

Wednesday - 1:30 AM

USS Protector Vigilant class

Friday - 8:30 pm

Saturday - 1:30 AM

USS Sentinel Sentinel class

Sunday - 8:00 pm

Monday - 1:00 AM


Major Events in Daedalus Omega RPEdit

Pages of InterestEdit

Character Ranks AvailableEdit

This list contains ranks attainable by players. You may note that flag ranks are not listed, as the vast majority of players in the fleet will not attain these ranks. 

Starfleet Officer Ranks

Starfleet Enlisted Ranks

M.A.C.O. Officer Ranks

M.A.C.O. Enlisted Ranks

Positions in the FleetEdit

Starship PositionsEdit

These positions are positions that are available to players. With exception to the Senior Staff positions, all of these positions can be filled by new players. Typically, the higher positions will be filled by veteran players that have worked their way to it, but may be filled by new players if no veteran players are available.

Command Division (Red)

Operations Division (Gold)

Tactical Engineering

Science Division (Blue)

Science Medical

Station PositionsEdit

In most cases, these positions are filled by NPC's, or by veteran players who are unable to serve on a weekly starship. The positions listed here are either fleet/sector-wide or on a starbase, and are needed only for special circumstances or if a Station Group is formed.

Command Division (Red)

Operations Division (Gold)

Tactical Engineering

Science Division (Blue)

Science Medical

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