USS Adagio Task Force Delta unit patch.

Task Force Delta is a special operations squad designed by Lieutenant Tiberius Asada while he was stationed aboard the USS Adagio in 2413. The original Task Force Delta was instrumental in several combat operations during the Pi Canis Campaign. The model has since been adopted for other ships in Starfleet.

Task Force CompositionEdit

As of 2413, The Task Force aboard the USS Adagio was comprised of two squads: Luna Squad (Covert Operations) and Phobos Squad (Assault Operations).

Luna Squad consists of eight operatives. Luna Squad is armed primarily with TR-116A rifles and Phaser Sniper Rifles. Luna Squad is primarily tasked with undercover and force recon missions.

  • Luna Squad Positions
    • Team Leader
    • 2nd in Command / Weapon Officer
    • Communications Officer
    • Senior Tech Specialist
    • Tech Specialist
    • Medical Specialist
    • Designated Marksman
    • Demolitions Specialist

Phobos Squad consists of twenty-four soldiers armed with Phaser Rifles, Phaser Full Auto Assault Rifles, and Phaser Sniper Rifles. Phobos Squad handles assault and defense operations.

  • Phobos Squad Positions
    • Assault Troops (15 Operatives)
    • Designated Marksmen (5 Operatives)
    • Tech Specialists (4 Operatives)
    • Combat Medics (3 Operatives)
    • Demolitions Specialists (4 Operatives)

Ships with a Task Force Delta ContingentEdit

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