The USS Adagio-A.

"May she dance gracefully amongst the stars." - USS Adagio-A Dedication Plaque Quote

The USS Adagio (NCC-99691-A) was a modified Galaxy class starship in service of the 22nd Mobile. The ship's engineering hull incorporates design elements from both the Galaxy and Venture variants, while the Saucer is of the Monarch variant.  This ship was decommissioned in June of 2418, with the spaceframe to be stripped down and rebuilt as a Dreadnought

The Adagio has often been used for experimental technology, such as the ACCI, the Valkyrie-class Multipurpose Adaptable Shuttle/Fighter, and Project Bulwark. The Adagio has also been involved with several large-scale operations, ranging from the Pi Canis Campaign to the Borg Invasion of 2414.

During this most recent conflict, the Adagio has been used extensively as a Command and Control vessel, especially with Task Force Avenger. She has been instrumental in several operations, including the rescue of the Sixth Fleet.

Ship RosterEdit

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