Okinami Dedication Plaque

The USS Okinami (NX-92888) was an experimental ship based off the basic spaceframe of the Prometheus class. The operational testing was conducted by Captain Honda and the former crew of the Ayanami.

The Okinami was tested in a variety of ways, from general performance, to tactical readiness. The ultimate test of the latter came during a large-scale assualt by a massive Borg Cube. During the assualt, the ship was infected with nanites, which merged with the computer to form a sentient AI who called itself 0 of 1. This new entity took direct control of the Okinami and attacked the Borg cube, almost destroying the ship and crew in the process. With some difficulty, the crew managed to convince 0 of 1 to stand down, and they took refuge in a nebula until their damaged ship could be rescued.

After completion of this test phase, the vessel was returned to Utopia Planetia for further examination.


Okinami MSD

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